National FOs Leaders Meet In Ciwedey, Bandung West Java To Discuss farmer Organization Concern – Aliansi Petani Indonesia

    17-19 Nov 2018, All the farmer organization leaders meet in Wisma Stroberry, Ciwedey, Bandung, West Java. Representative of the the five National FOs has attended in the meeting. The event aims to reviewe achivement of the MTCP2-AFOSP program in Indonesia, update to information of SRSC/RSC meeting in Jogjakarta, formulate a strategic partner/engngament with IFAD Countri and Goverment in promoting agriculture development and rural economic growth.


    During the meeting, FOs discuss several topics or issues related important national policy promoted by FOs, namely implementation of agrarian reform program and rural flagship program for agriculture, farmer protection and empowerment, food price stability and farmer wellfare. Fishermen protection and empowerment. That opinion and conclusion of the meeting will be use to policy advocacy process including policy dialog and loby then It will be delivered to National FOs member to organizing and oversee the implementation of the policy in each province and district including in village.

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